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General Description
Local Tax Bureau, Hualien County

     Hualien County is located at the east of the Central Mountains . Narrowly shaped, Hualien County has an area of 4,628.5714 km 2 and a population of approximately 350,000 people. The administrative district comprises one city, two townships and ten villages.

     The “Hualien County Tax Revenue Office” (henceforth the “Office”) was established in March 1946 in Hualien County . Subsequently in January the following year, Fonglin and Yuli branches were set up responsible for handling national, provincial and county taxation affairs. The Fonglin branch ceased operation in October 1951. Commencing from 1992, the levying of national taxes including the income tax, security transactions tax, commodity tax, estate and gift tax was taken over by the National Tax Administration of Northern Taiwan, Ministry of Finance. On January 15, 2000, the Office came under the management of the Hualien County Government pursuant to regulations governing the local systems. The total number of employees amounted to 130 people, responsible for handling the levying of local taxes (land value tax, agricultural land tax, land value increment tax, construction benefit fee , house tax, vehicle license tax, amusement tax stamp tax and deed tax). Taxation affairs are extremely complex. Not only shall the levying of tax be in compliance with regulations, it must also be fair. In relation to the tax levying procedures, we regard taxpayers' rights and welfares as our most important consideration and the quality of services to taxpayers as the top priority. We continually review, improve and streamline our processes with the aim of giving taxpayers sound education on the various tax levies instead of imposing penalties on infringements. With our enthusiasm and friendly services, we hope to establish a sound relationship with our citizens in order to successfully promote our various tax affairs.


The Head Office is responsible for the following areas:
Hualien City, Shoufeng Village, Jian Village, Fonglin Township, Hsincheng Village, Kuangfu Village, Shiulin Village, Wanrong Village and Fongbin Village.

The Yuli Branch is responsible for:
Rueisuei Village , Yuli Township , Jhuosi Village and Fuli Village
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Address: 19 Fucian Road Hualien City [Map]; Phone No.: (03)822-6121
Our Service Time Office Hours: from Monday through Friday 8:00-12:00 a.m., 1:30-5:30 p.m.
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